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General Information

General Information

Patient Testimonials

~~ Suffering for almost a year listening to my dentist say there is nothing wrong with that tooth! It took Dr. Howard less than an hour to find the problem and fix it. A day later all swelling and pain gone. Dr. Howard and his staff are not only professional but very friendly and down to earth. The best part is the "No Pain" experience. I still can't believe it!!!!! - Damaries G.

The best part is the 'No Pain' experience

~~ My root canal was done this morning and I walked 3 miles this afternoon. I quickly realized that my arm hurt more from the flu shot I received yesterday, than my mouth hurt from this procedure. Dr. Howard and his lovely staff have established a practice that focuses on providing excellent patient care and outstanding customer service. Words cannot express how pleased I have been with the entire experience. I will gladly recommend Dr. Howard to any friends needing a root canal. - Barbara S.

My arm hurt more from the flu shot I received yesterday than my mouth hurt from this procedure

~~ Hands down THE BEST DENTIST we have ever been to.

My wife has a few crowns and stuff. We have been to other dentists and at the end of the work we always felt some dissatisfaction ( either the work was not well done.. Or they seemed more interested in the money than us kind of). This was the first time we felt the dentist cared A LOT about our situation and treatment than any other stuff.

We went to Dr Howard with a nasty tooth infection. My wife was 32 weeks pregnant.

Dr Howard went to great lengths to make us feel comfortable. Explained patiently what was happening and answered all our questions. He was very patient and comforting. He worked very closely with my OB and my pharmacy. He was VERY HONEST about the work and what to expect with the medications. He called up in the evening to check if things were going well.

Overall could not think of anything else that could be done to help us with this issue. Would recommend highly to my friends and acquaintances. - Sivakumar P.

The BEST DENTIST we have ever been to!

~~ Endodontics is not what I want to hear when I go to my dentist! However, once you walk into Dr. Howard's office and meet him and his staff, you will forget that you need major work done. They have state of the art technology and the ability to FIX what is wrong with your teeth. I went for a "redo" of a previous root canal that was almost 3 years old. His work was seamless and painless. I started with a major infection and he found the missing canal that was not done from the first doc. Words really do not do their service and amazing office atmosphere justice. If you need any Endodontic work done-This is the place to go. - Lynn N.

Words really do not do their service and and amazing office atmosphere justice!

~~ I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Howard and his staff for my root canal. My previous root canal, done in Denver, was a nightmare. Dr. Howard promised no pain and he kept his promise! I went back to work afterwards, my co-workers stunned to see me and with a smile on my face. To top it off, he called me that evening to make sure I was doing well. I've already given out his number to two co-workers who need a root canal but have been putting it off. Thanks so much! - Nan B.

Dr. Howard promised no pain and he kept his promise!

~~ I had the best experience ever at a dentist when I saw Dr Howard on 8/28. I was referred to him by my dentist as I needed a root canal. From the minute you walk in there are smiles everywhere. The friendliness is so reassuring as the dentist is the last place I want to go. The procedure was painless, and quick. Robin and Dr Howard work together so well. The atmosphere is so light. Everything is explained, step by step on what will happen during the procedure and what to expect after. Dr Howard called me the same evening to check on how I was doing. I have not needed any pain medication at all. I am so pleased with the whole experience and know where I will go should I have the need for Dr Howard's expertise again. - Gail L.

From the minute you walk in there are smiles everywhere.

~~ I had the pleasure of getting a root canal with Dr. Howard four days ago.  That's right, it was actually a very pleasant experience!  I had a crowned tooth that was giving me pain and my regular dentist, upon removing my crown, discovered a large crack that ran across my tooth.  She was hesitant to perform a root canal on the tooth, as general x-rays were unable to determine the severity of the crack.  Dr. Howard, with his state of the art cone beam CT imaging, was able to see inside my tooth, including every angle using 3D capability.  Upon review, the crack wasn't as severe as it had appeared,  so he was able to very carefully and skillfully perform  the root canal surgery, taking ultimate care not to make the crack any worse in the process.   Thanks to him I will now not be needing an extraction.   Very highly skilled and confident doctor whom I would highly recommend to friends and family. - Michelle T.

That's right, it was actually a very pleasant experience!

~~ My experience 5 STAR!I am petrified of the dentist! Hands down drug me. When I found out from my general dentist that I needed a root canal AKA (for me) Open Heart Surgery I was panicked. He referred me to Dr. Howard at Pinnacle Endodontics. Honestly I did not want to go.. and if i indeed needed this root canal I wanted to be sedated before I even got there...BUT.. I went in to talk about the procedure and from the moment I got there I received the BEST CARE. Dr. Howard explained everything up front and I could run at anytime. Well it was AWESOME. I ended up having the procedure the same day as my consult, in the quick time frame he told me it would take. I was PAIN FREE from the moment it started, everything he told me happened in that order again.... with NO PAIN.. NONE! It's the next day and I am still in no pain! It felt so good to trust a Dr. that was open and honest. I promise you... If you need dental work Pinnacle Endodontics of Georgia is your ONLY choice! - Leighann W.

I promise you... If you need dental work Pinnacle Endo is your ONLY choice!

~~ I had searched for an endodontist after my dentist wanted a tooth further evaluated. I searched for one near me that took my insurance but was not successful. I finally found Dr. Howard and I am very glad I did. I read reviews online and was very impressed by what patients said. Although my drive to his office was 45 miles, it was well worth the drive. Dr. Howard explained everything in detail and his 3D x-ray showed that two adjoining teeth needed root canals, not just one. He did both in a very short time with absolutely no discomfort on my part. I have had root canals before that were very painful, but not here. Dr. Howard and entire staff are extremely nice and caring. This root canal was not just a procedure, but a great experience and I highly recommend him to everyone. I was also impressed that on the evening after the treatment, Dr. Howard himself called to see how I was doing. That goes to show how much he really cares. He also has the latest technology. - Don M.

45 mile one way drive was totally worth it!

~~ When my primary dentist recommended I have a root canal, my thoughts were, "are you kidding me?" I'd rather put my hand into a bee hive. WRONG!! This procedure by Dr. Howard was as painless as a walk in the park. He was masterful and the procedure was PAINLESS!! Cissy and the staff were equally as efficient and professional. If you are in need of this procedure Dr. Howard is the person to visit. - Don W.

This procedure was as painless as a walk in the park!

~~ I want to thank Dr. Howard and his wonderful, professional staff for the great painless experience I recently had in their office! I walked in thinking that the root canal I was scheduled for was going to be painful and unpleasant. Boy, was I wrong! I explained to Dr. Howard that my root canal experience in the past had been extremely painful and was not looking forward to this one. He then explained patiently that technology in this area had vastly changed and that I should not experience any pain and even wanted to bet me on his promise! He also, explained very clearly and in understandable terms,the condition of the tooth and why I needed to have this done with supporting advanced x-ray technology. He also was able to diagnose another tooth clearly that my regular dentist said could be a potential problem but wasn't sure exactly what the problem was by using special cone xrays. He uses very high tech equipment and methods of which I have never ever seen before.....truly amazing! My actual root canal was painless and very quickly and professionally done. Dr. Howard also has an amazing staff who are well trained, professional and friendly. I also was impressed that Dr. Howard actually called me himself the afternoon after the root canal to check on how I was feeling. I have never had another dentist or endodontist ever do this before and was very impressed by his caring attitude! Thank you Dr. Howard and your fantastic staff for an overall, great experience! - Pam M.

High Tech Equipment...truly amazing!

~~ Right up front I will have to say Dr. Howard and his staff are great!  I Have always been told that root canal procedures are horribly painful.  Dr. Howard's staff will keep you well informed from beginning to end.  The whole procedure was complete in less than 30 minutes and I didn't feel a thing.  I think getting my teeth cleaned was more painful.  Highly recommend Dr. Cameron Howard and his staff of professionals. - Daniel B.

I think getting my teeth cleaned was more painful.

Talk about a wonderful surprise! I was referred to Dr. Howard for a procedure involving my root canal which would have been pretty costly as it was an out of pocket expense for me. After he looked at the x-rays and my tooth, he surmised I had no issue with the tooth but was more likely irritated by something stuck under the gum prior to getting my teeth cleaned and said it was not necessary to do the procedure. How refreshing to have an endodontist that is honest and cares for the patient, not the patients pocketbook! Obviously, I highly recommend anyone with a dental issue to see Dr. Howard! - Deborah L.

Honest and cares for his patients!

~~ Who goes to get a root canal and enjoys it? Me! That's who. With minimal discomfort, I was really having a great time during my procedure. Let me say, Dr. Howard's team is wonderful. Cissy, his office manager is amazing. She was understanding that I had an emergency and had to reschedule after my appointment time had passed, and although I arrived super early for my reschedule appointment, they penciled me into Dr. Howard's schedule and made it work. I was willing to sit until my appointment time but they made every effort to get me in to see Dr. Howard early. I appreciate this immensely. Courtney, Dr. Howard's dental assistant is super friendly. She has a wonderful "bed-side" manner (I guess chair-side for a dentist). By the time I left, I felt like I had been going there for years. To me that is outside of the norm for a dental experience. Dr. Howard is young, smart and very knowledgeable, and highly motivated. He takes pride in his work and it shows in his level of care and attention to detail. Although I hope to not have to get a root canal again, and I will work hard not to, I will miss Dr. Howard's team of ALLSTARS who made my visit awesome. - Shala B.

Who goes to get a root canal and enjoys it? Me! That's who.

~~ OK.. here's the thing. I do NOT like dentists. I don't care if you are a specialist dentist or a general dentist, I am terrified of you. That said, I have just returned from an appointment with Dr. Howard and my faith in the dental profession as a whole has been restored.I had to get a root canal done, and to my shock, it was a painless, relatively fast, and surprisingly pleasant experience. Cissy at the front desk was wonderfully friendly and welcoming the minute I walked through the front door. I explained my nervousness and fear of needles upfront, and they reassured me how common my fear was and that I'd be well taken care of.The office and treatment rooms are very clean, well organized, spacious and soothing. Cissy and Robin were so friendly, funny, and relaxed that I felt like they knew their stuff. I had no doubt that they actually cared about my comfort and well being.  - Annelyss M.

My faith in the dental profession as a whole has been restored.

To say I was scared out of my mind is an understatement. Dr. Howard and his staff (especially Melissa and Cissy) put me at ease. When he told me I wouldn't feel a thing and have NO pain I thought surrrreeeee. Dr. Howard is the gentlest Dentist/Endodontic specialist I have ever been to in my life. I hope I never need another root canal but if I do I will be going back to Dr.Howard and his staff. They took my insurance as well. The after call to see how I was made me feel like he really cared- he did!! - Mary S

Gentlest dentist/endodontic specialist I have ever been to in my life!

~~ This clinic is AWESOME!  I had abscess in my tooth, and this tooth already have root canal and crown.  It requires re-treatment.  This tooth is the most problematic of all, and Dr. Cameron Howard took care of this.   He did it so well.   Even though I use American Sign Language, and Dr. Howard was extremely patient and he was able to describe what he will do with this procedure by drawing pictures, and explaining with me in a very clear terms.  I feel very respected by him.   After the treatment, I naturally "googled" him up, and realized that Dr. Howard is one of nationally recognized endodonists!  I am very happy that Dr. Howard helped me.   Thank you so much for accommodating with me in such last minute's request. - Amy C.

I feel very respected by him

~~ My experience with Pinnacle Endodontics was amazing!  I had a tooth that died and infected my gum and jaw bone. I had to call the emergency line on a Sunday.  Dr. Howard returned my call quickly, consulted with me over the phone, looked up answers to my questions about breastfeeding and medication, and scheduled an appointment for me after hours on his day off!  Lori stayed late and made sure I was prepped and ready for Dr. Howard.  She was also very gentle and considerate when taking x-rays of my mouth.  Dr. Howard took his time during the root canal and made sure the infection was cleaned out.  He was very considerate during the procedure and continually asked how the pain was and if I was feeling what he was doing to my tooth.  Overall, a wonderful experience and I will return here for all of my dental work.  Thank you, Dr. Howard and Lori!! - Lorrin T.
Dr. Howard scheduled an appointment for me after hours on his day off!

When I first called to schedule an appointment with Dr Howard, I was expecting to see an old man with a head full of grey hair on the sides and maybe somewhat bald. When I got there, what I got was a 33 year old doctor, extremely experienced, in a very nicely decorated office, with a kind staff and a lot of hi-tech equipment, which makes your visit quick and enjoyable. I was there for about 30 minutes. He provided me with full explanation of what was needed and how he would do it. He gave me the first anestesia ever where I felt nothing (and even if I had, the assistant was rubbing my hand all along - so nice). And I even got a post-op call to check up on me.

On top of all of that, they were in network with my insurance (United HealthCare). If I ever need a root canal again (and I hope I don't), that is the place I will definitely go to. Highly recommend it. - Marcia F.

Extremely experienced, nicely decorated office, kind staff and a lot of hi-tech equipment

~~ My experience at Pinnacle Endodontics was nothing less then excellent. The secretary greeted me with a warm welcome, the whole staff made me feel right at home and comfortable. I was nervous about getting a root canal but the doctor explained it with great detail before the procedure which put my mind at ease and the procedure was painless (literally). I would get a root canal everyday with Dr. Howard! Thank you Dr. Howard for the experience, highly recommended. - Chanell P.

I would get a root canal everyday with Dr. Howard

I can't thank you enough Dr. Howard! I had a last minute emergency situation with EXTREME pain. I was referred by my dentist to Dr. Howard to fix my problem. The moment I walked into Dr. Howards' office, I commented on how neat, clean and beautiful it was. I told Dr. Howard and his assistant Melissa that this was by far the nicest looking dental office I'd ever been in. Meeting Dr. Howard for the first time in an emergency situation, on a Friday, literally at 5pm, he took me right in and was the most outgoing, nice, caring endo/dentist/doctor I think I had ever met. Dr. Howard was EXTREMELY patient and gentle. The day after my procedure, which was on a Saturday, Dr. Howard had called me personally to check up on how I was doing. This is by far one of the BEST experiences I had ever had with an endo/dentist. On top of that, his 2 assistants that helped him with my procedure, Melissa and Cissy, were also very patient and even stayed after hours to help Dr. Howard. I can't thank all of you enough for the wonderful, caring people that you are, and THANK YOU for taking such good care of me and your professionalism. :) - Elaine H.

This is by far one of the best experiences I have ever had with an endo/dentist

~~ To say I was dreading my root canal appointment is an understatement.  He was so patient and thorough in his explanation emphasizing that I could stop him at any time if I had questions or felt pain.  Truly approachable, likable and almost excited by root canals, Dr. Howard was exactly the guy I wanted to be performing my first root canal.  Dr. Howard and his staff made this traditionally dreadful procedure literally painless.  Its a shame I won't be visiting more often.

Dr. Howard was truly approachable, likable and almost excited by root canals"

~~Good day, I had an appointment in February 2015 and it was the ABSOLUTE BEST dental experience I have ever had in my ENTIRE life!  This is not an exaggeration I truly dislike the dentist office and I'm never at ease however Dr. Howard was great!  Dr. Howard was so easy going and so comforting that I actually had a giggle in the middle of a ROOT CANAL.  I just wanted to let you know you have a STELLAR team there and I really appreciate them. - Nicole P.

ABSOLUTE BEST dental experience I have ever had in my ENTIRE life!

~~ I cant thank you enough for saving my tooth! I had been to a million other places and had work done, and no one could do what you have done for me. you gave me the best dental experience of my life. completely painless, amazing comfort. I felt completely taken care of by the staff and Dr.Howard. I would recommend him to absolutely anyone if your looking for a doctor that really cares and really knows what he's doing. I actually giggled the whole time through my re-root canal because they really care about keeping you happy and comfortable. out of 5 stars I give them 20!! thank you so much for everything! - Rachel W

Completely painless, amazing comfort

~~ Giving a big thank you for the professionalism, expertise, efficiency & best dental experience in my life. Dr. Howard went beyond any expectation I had during the root canal. Best experience: Did not feel the needle enter the skin for the anesthesia (a first). In & out of office in exactly the timing Dr. Howard described. He was also open to any questions and gave me the extra couple minutes to make me feel important. - Mary Alice A.

Best dental experience in my life!

~~ I had a fantastic experience receiving endodontic treatment with Dr.Cameron Howard, D.M.D., M.Sc.D.  He performed a root canal on me this morning and was just great.  His bedside manner was entertaining and respectful.  He did not hurt me at all, even when numbing the area.  I will highly recommend Dr. Howard to anyone requesting a referral for their own root canal.  I am very pleased with the service I received because I was terrified when I walked in this morning and it was nothing like I expected. Thank you so much. - Theresa M.

Entertaining and respectful bedside manner

~~My name is Anna and for as long as I can remember I have always had such horrible experience's with dentist.  Well, TODAY THAT HAS ALL CHANGED ... THANKS TO DR.CAMERON HOWARD all I have is one word "OUTSTANDING". I would of sat in that chair and had a mouth full of root canals. I deal with a lot of people in the public arena and all I can say is they have already heard about him!  Even while checking out at Publix I had to write down on my receipt his name for the cashier. She was so impressed with my great reactions about having a root canal she was wanting to make her appointment their instead of where she had been going! Thanks Dr. Howard, you are truly amazing and gifted in what it is you do! Keep up the great work in making people feel comfortable and PAIN FREE!!!  ONE HAPPY PATIENT!!!! - Anna M.

I would of sat in that chair and had a mouth full of root canals :)

~~So this past Friday I had a root canal performed by Dr. Howard. I was only supposed to have a consultation however they squeezed me in because I was in pain and it was Valentines Day he said he wanted to get it taken care of. The experience was wonderful.  Dr Howard so was nice and made me feel less nervous about the procedure. - Amanda P.

Made my Valentines!

~~Hi, my experience with Dr Cameron Howard was so great. He made me laugh and was so friendly. The work was done way faster than any I have had in the past years, and he explained everything in detail and showed me the xrays. I felt like I was in the presence of friends. Thank you for a great Dentist. - Marjorie L.

In the Presence of Friends

~~I just wanted to let you all know about the EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE I received from Dr. Howard. He was informative, pleasant, & friendly. Made me very comfortable. THE BEST ROOT CANAL EXPERIENCE!  As someone who works in management it was a pleasure to see this kind of service being provided. Every visit I've ever had has always been great. - Tanishia P.


~~I just wanted to express my appreciation for the outstanding customer service I received by Dr Howard! I was scared to get a root canal and he made me feel comfortable and it went so quickly! I no longer have any pain. I am so thankful for the terrific job he did! Thanks!! - Rachel C

Terrific Job!

~~I arrived for a root canal and was very anxious. Dr Cameron Howard was GREAT! He walked me through what the procedure would be, answered my questions, and did my procedure quickly and with no discomfort. If I find myself in a similar situation, I would seek Dr. Howard out again. I would not hestiate to recommend him to anyone else in a similar situation. I also appreciated the emergency number, though I do not expect to need it. - Janet O.

I would not hesitate to recommend him

~~ I'm impressed by the service of Dr. Cameron Howard. The doctor is very friendly & knowledgeable. The manner & how he treats & interacts with his patients is commendable. He makes you feel at ease and comfortable immediately. He is very efficient and does the best he can to keep you in the chair as little as possible. He resolved my problem very quickly. I'm impressed by the technology he uses. Great work - Richard S.

He makes you feel at ease

~~I wanted to take a brief moment and just give a heart felt thank you to Dr. Howard.  Dr. Howard went out of his way to make me feel comfortable.  The root canal was fast, pain free and most of all he kept my well being in mind every step of the way.  A big thank you to him, this was the best dental experience that I have had the pleasure of having ever - Thomas P.

Best dental experience that I have had the pleasure of having ever

~~ Thank you for putting me at ease with my root canal.  I know it was alot of work and listening and I appreciate all you did (and the laughs)!  Amazingly I only needed pain pills that night. I am seeing my general dentist soon.  Thanks again. - Kathleen L.

I appreciate all the laughs!

~~ Dr. Howard, Just wanted to say thank you for being so nice.  Thanks for your care and concern for my difficult dental situation. - Sylvia H.

Thanks for being so nice

~~ I just wanted to say 'Thank You!' for all of your efforts in fixing my root canal.  It has been a year since my tooth felt "normal" and I just wantd to let you know that although I know it took alot longer than anticipated to make things right, the outcome could not have been better!  Living each day without that constant ache or throb in my tooth has been blissful!  Again, thank you for your expertise, professionalism and perserverence!.  Sincerely, Larry R.

Living without that constant ache has been blissful!

I want to let you know of the wonderful experience I had last Friday at your office.  The dentist went ABOVE and BEYOND to make my time there a "relaxed" one.  I really can't express how calm the dentist made me feel from the minute I sat in the chair until I walked out the door.

I have NEVER been so pleased with a dentist in my life.  Thank you for being so caring.

I have NEVER been so pleased with a dentist in my life.

~~ I just wanted to write you a thank you after receiving such wonderful care from you.  You treated me (root canal) a few weeks back.  It is pretty scary to have any sort of dental procedure while pregnant and you were very caring and reassuring.  I have been to two different dentists and had not received a diagnosis until seeing you. Thank you!  Feeling much better now and hopefully the rest of my pregnancy is smooth sailing.  Thank you again.- Jaci R.

Dentistry while pregnant is scary - you were very caring and reassuring!

~~ I am writing on behalf of patient Elaine C. and the exceptional service that she has received from Dr. Howard. She had a root canal done and swears she didn't feel a thing! She doesn't have the ability or resources to email her testimony, but has requested me to do so on her behalf in her words. I hope your office knows how appreciated you are to you patients. Thankfully yours, Vivian C. (Elaine C.'s daughter)

She swears she didn't feel a thing!

~~ Dr. Cameron Howard is by far the very best!  He was so professional and caring in treating my 8 year old (difficult) Daughter.  The care and treatment were exceptional!  Dr. Howard was very informative and let us know every part of the process prior to its occurence, one can only hope for more Doctors like him.  I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Howard to every parent I know.  Sincerely, Joe M.

One can only hope for more Doctors like him

~~Dr. Cameron M. Howard did an awesome job on my root canal. I had been in pain for weeks, and he took care of it immediately. I so appreciate him. Thank you for his excellent service!

I so appreciate him and his staff

~~500 character's is not enough to let you know how thankful I am to have finally been referred to Dr. Howard after dealing with tooth pain for months. Dr. Howard was not only professional, but he was compassionate as well. He was very understanding of the anxiety I was feeling having to go through this procedure again in such a short amount of time. Dr. Howard is an asset to your team.

Professional and Compassionate

~~ I felt that I had to contact you and let you know about the amazing customer service I received - I was so nervous and in pain going in and Dr. Howard made me feel at ease and comfortable right away. Dr Howard had me laughing while still being professional. I will recommend him to everyone I know! Thank you - Richard L

Made me feel at ease

~~ Have not been to this doctor before but worked me in for emergency root canal. Great doc and staff! Will definitely go back if ever in need of an endodontist again. Thanks! - Valerie B

Great doc and staff!

~~Recently, I had a root canal performed by Dr Howard and his terrific team prior to Thanksgiving.  I am very grateful and appreciative for the service, attention, and care you provided to me to correct and get rid of the pain in my tooth.  I'm glad to report all is well and I'm feeling much better.  In fact, my crown is now permanently cemented on my tooth.  I would be glad to give a reference or recommendation to anyone inquiring about or in need of care from Dr Howard and his staff in the future.   Thank you so much and hope you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  - Steve F

Appreciative for the service, attention, and care your provided

~~ When I unfortunately needed a root canal retreat by an Endodontist, I am glad that I found Dr. Cameron M. Howard. During my initial visit, Dr. Howard not only completed the work but his knowledge and care was exceptional. He is detailed, made sure that I was informed at every step, and cared about my comfort. After my follow up appointment, Dr. Howard even completed root canal on another tooth that was in need of treatment. No one likes to visit a dentist, but Dr. Howard makes it fun. - Robert W.

Dr. Howard makes it fun

~~ I had a root canal done back in February by my regular dentist and unfortunately one of the files they use broke off down in one of my roots. "I have very long roots". Thankfully my dentist told me and he didn't charge me for what he had already done. I chose not to go to the endodonist that he found for me because that group was not on my dental plan. I waited a few months actually and  I searched around and found out that Dr. Cameron M Howard accepted my dental insurance. I was able to schedule  an appointment the very next week. I was really nervous because I did not know what to expect. This office was very professional and Dr. Howard was the best!!!  They put me at ease and I must say that even though my tooth gave Dr. Cameron a hard time, he was very patient and was able to finish my root canal and remove the file that was stuck down in there. His assistants had me cracking up all with my mouth all numb and wide  It was the best experience I have ever had all while the dentist was drilling in my tooth. The doctor and his assistants work so well together and are truly a team and have fun all at the same time.  - Louetta C

This office was very professional and Dr Howard was the best!

~~ I had a root canal by Dr Howard and the experience was excellent. Dr. Howard and his staff made me feel at ease and the entire experience was first-rate. I would recommend Dr. Howard and the staff at Pinnacle to anyone who needs endodontic services. - Dyann B

Made me feel at ease

~~ I had a toothache that my normal dentist was not comfortable in doing the root canal because of my small roots and calcified roots. He referred me to an endodontist that was not in my insurance plan. I went to my insurance company and began to the search. They told me to look at reviews of the doctors on the list to determine where to go. Most people will only write a negative review and barely does someone write a good review. I hope to make that change. 


Out of all the dentists, Dr. Cameron Howard stood out with the least negative reviews but also had some positive reviews. Still leery about the visit and not knowing what to expect, my mind was put at ease with his treatment coordinator who walked me through the exam procedure. She was pleasant and professional. Then the dental assistant came in to take an xray of the tooth, and she was just as professional as the treatment coordinator.


Dr Cameron Howard came in looked at the xray and did an oral exam to determine the cause. The problem was not just with one tooth requiring a root canal but also the tooth next to it that had a root canal years ago with a another dentist. Dr. Howard listed the pros and cons and went over the xray and took time explaining everything that was happening in my mouth. I agreed to have the first tooth root canal done that same day and then reschedule the other tooth next week.


Root canals are not fun especially when it's all the way in the back of your mouth. The root canal was done on #15 with such care and finesse. Dr. Howard uses microscopes and had smaller tools that most regular dentist don't have access too since they are not specialists. Dr. Howard and his assistant both eased any fears that I might have had. They were both cracking jokes as the procedure went on but still taking care of business and finishing up the root canal.


I am actually looking forward to be going back next week for them the work on the second root canal and fix what the other dentist from years ago did not do properly. I would highly recommend Dr Cameron Howard and his team. Five stars all the way. - Steve M.

I am actually looking forward to going back next week for them to work on a second root canal!

~~ Excellent Dentist, would refer to everyone I know. Both he and his staff are the best! - Joseph M


Excellent dentist, would refer to everyone I know

~~ I am so impressed at how painless and easy the root canal was.  The experience couldn't have been better. - Lindsay H.

The experience couldn't have been better.

~~  Dr. Howard did a great job getting me through my first root canal. My tooth had a great deal of infection and was pretty stubborn. But Dr. Howard knew the steps to take to clear that up and he did. Can't say a root canal is fun, but I would definitely go back to him in the unfortunate event that I needed another one. Melissa is also the best assistant I can imagine. She is also gentle when taking mouth x-rays! Very important to me. Thank you! - Jason H.

Dr. Howard did a great job getting me through my first root canal.

~~ Found out I needed a root canal and Dr. Howard was able to fit me into his already busy schedule late in the day prior to a holiday weekend. He and his staff went the extra mile to make sure I was attended to that day.The procedure was done painlessly and quickly. Very professional and personable, his staff is the same. Would happily recommend him to anyone in the Forsyth county area in need of a root canal. - Tom R.

He and his staff went the extra mile

~~ I was very pleased with Lori and Dr. Howard at Pinnacle Endodontics. My dentist was unavailable and Dr. Howard was able to see me the same day for an emergency root canal. The equipment is all very high tech and the procedure was relatively painless. I was in and out in about an hour. I would recommend this office to family and friends. - Lori B.

Same day emergency treatment - very pleased!

~~ I was referred to Dr. Howard from my General Dentist for a root canal.  Dr. Howard's intake process was easy and paperless and was able to be completed online, prior to my visit.  Dr. Howard and his staff were very friendly and professional.  My root canal was very very quick which enabled me to go back to work early.  Once numbness subsided, there was NO PAIN and problem area was corrected. - Richard C.

Once numbness subsided there was NO PAIN

~~ Had a great experience at Pinnacle Endodontics!  Dr. Howard did a great job.  I've had root canals done by other dentists in the past but this was definitely the best one I have ever had done.  I was kept pain free and felt comfortable through the whole process.  Dr. Howard also graciously squeezed me into his schedule because of my tooth being abscessed.  His dental assistant, Louanne, was so nice and made me feel calm and comfortable as soon as she brought me back from the waiting room.  I will definitely be back for any procedures needed in the future. - Heather M.

I've had root canals done by other dentists in the past but this was definitely the best one!

I had an excellent experience. The office was soothing and the people were great! - James G.

Excellent Experience!

Dr. Howard and his team are extremely caring and responsive! - Carrie S.

Caring and Responsive

~~ I woke up on a Friday morning experiencing significant tooth pain and went to my dentist who referred me to Dr. Howard at Pinnacle Endodontics.  Even though they were fully booked that day, they were able to work me into the schedule in a very reasonable amount of time.  Before I knew it I was on my way out the door and I was feeling much better.  Dr. Howard was obviously very knowledgeable and did a great job explaining my options to me.  He and the entire staff made me feel comfortable, explained the costs and were extremely professional during the entire process.  The tooth that needed the root canal already was crowned and he was even able to save the crown, although he couldn't guarantee it.  Additionally Dr. Howard called me from his personal cell phone later that evening to ensure I was doing ok.  I am extremely satisfied with my experience and would highly recommend them to anyone needing a root canal as they were able to make the process as pleasant as possible.  While I'm hoping not to be visiting them anytime in the near future, the next time I need endodontic services I'll definitely be seeing Pinnacle Endodontics of Georgia. - Eric W.
Highly recommend them to anyone needing a root canal

~~ I just wanted to express my satisfaction with all of the office personnel at Pinacle and Dr. Howard's expertise and total understanding of my deadly tooth issue - I haven't felt as good as I do now in over a week! - Kevin S.

I haven't felt as good as I do now in over a week

~~ I had been putting off getting a root canal because I couldn't find one in my network who had good reviews. My dentist recommended Dr. Howard and I am so happy they did. He is such a nice man and did such a wonderful job - I never felt a thing! Honestly! The office is lovely, the staff is super friendly, and he is a wonderful endodontist. Thank you!! - Lisa F.

Office is lovely, staff is super friendly, and Dr Howard is wonderful!

~~ I was the 1st or second patient the day they opened so they were still ironing out some wrinkles but Dr. Howard loves doing root canals and he did an excellent job on my redo of a root canal from another practice years earlier. He's got a quirky personality but I didn't mind as it's way better then Dr's that look like they are bored while they work.His office called me a year later to come in for a free checkup of the root canal at no cost which is very telling he takes pride in his work and wants to make sure each one is perfect. I've had a lot of root canals over the years and not one of those other Endodontists ever followed up with me . I would have zero hesitation using him again if needed. - Cuban Enforcer

He takes pride in his work and wants to make sure each one is perfect.

~~ Having a root canal is close to the bottom of my list of things I want to do. But when you are in pain, you want someone who is very sensitive to your pain and extremely competent. Dr. Howard and his team are so caring that you immediately relax, knowing you are going to have excellent care. The office is very high tech, spotless and very attractive. Dr. Howard is extremely professional while at the same time really taking the time to tell you what he is doing and making sure you are PAIN FREE! I had an extremely difficult redo of an old root canal. Thank goodness all his high-tech equipment allowed him to be able to complete the root canal and save my having to have the tooth pulled. I highly recommend him and his excellent Team! - Sheila G.

Someone who is very sensitive to your pain

~~ Dr. Howard is wonderful!  I had been postponing a root canal because I couldn't find an endodontist in my network.  My dentist recommended Dr. Howard and I am so happy they did.  I never felt a minute of discomfort!   No pain at all!   They gave me headphones and I happily listened to music while he worked.  And he takes my insurance!  His office is lovely, his staff is great and he is very good at root canals!  If I need another one l know who to call .  Thank you so much!! - Lisa F.

I never felt a minute of discomfort!

~~ Dr. Howard and the entire staff were so great to me. Worked me in to take care of two abscessed teeth. This was the easiest and quickest root canals I have ever had, and I have had several in other cities. These are caring, competent and skilled practitioners! They made me a raving fan! - Jim R.

They made me a raving fan!

~~ It was the best dental appointment that I have ever had. I wish they had a full dental practice. Dr Howard and his staff were very professional and friendly. I laughed so much during the visit that I almost forgot what I was there for. I also loved the paperless registration. The appointment was about 40 minutes from start to finish versus 2 hours at a regular dentist. He explains clearly the procedure and answers any questions. Thanks so much for making my visit so pleasurable. Dr Howard also placed a personal call to me after to make sure everything was ok. You and your staff rock!!! - Angelia M.

I laughed so much during my visit!

~~ This is the first time I go to a dentist and I was inspired. Meeting Dr. Howard and the rest of the caring team was a great experience. Doctor Howard obviously passionate about his job; he treated perfectly from A to Z ; he explained to me the process of my surgery, the surgery itself was quick and painless. Doctor Howard is smart and funny and above all caring. His whole team seems like is following his philosophy of absolute extraordinary care to its patients. I would give this office a score of 10 out of 10. Regards, Boaz Gonen

Dr Howard is smart, funny, and above all caring.

~~ I LOVED my experience with Pinnacle Endodontics! Dr. Howard and his staff were fantastic!! He ensured I was comfortable the entire time and caused me NO pain. This was the best experience I've had with any dental work (crowns, fillings and a previous horrible root canal from somewhere else, so I know what a pain dental work can be). Thank you SO much for easing my fears and providing excellent dental care. - Jen S.

This was the best experience I've had with any dental work.

~~ The staff is wonderful! State of the art equipment and painless. Was the first time I have ever received a shot for dental work that I didn't feel. Dr. Howard was great as well. My only complaint is they don't do general dentistry, if they did I would be a customer. I live about 35 minutes away and was well worth the trip. - Jasson H.

State of the art equipment and painless.

~~ The staff are very informative and they leave nothing out as they explain the procedure out. I had the procedure yesterday and I have NO pain. I didn't expect that! Dr. Howard called me yesterday afternoon to check in and make sure I was doing ok as well. WOW! Pinnacle goes above and beyond. - Mitchell J.

Pinnacle goes above and beyond.

~~ Dr. Howard and the staff were very professional and informative with the details of my dental work. The atmosphere was calming, staff upbeat attitude. Went in, less then 10 minutes of the anesthesia kicking in, got done in what seemed like less time it took the anesthesia to work. They let me listen to my music with no problem and the process was painless. Couldn't be more content. - Edgar R.

Very professional and informative

~~ Dr. Howard and the entire staff were so great to me. Worked me in to take care of two abscessed teeth. This was the easiest and quickest root canals I have ever had, and I have had several in other cities. These are caring, competent and skilled practitioners! They made me a raving fan! - Jim R.

They made me a raving fan!

~~ If I could give Dr. Howard and his staff more than 5 stars, I would. I was almost in tears in the waiting room because my tooth had been so painful, but at the time, had quit hurting. I didn't want anyone to touch it when it hurt, and definitely didn't want anyone to touch it when it didn't hurt. The staff was very understanding of my fear of what was about to happen. They assured me that I would be well taken care of. Dr. Howard and his staff are so personable and will spend extra time to make sure you are comfortable and not feeling any pain. Dr. Howard and his entire staff will serenade you through the whole process. Dr. Howard thanked me for the challenge of having 4 canals instead of the usual 3. He called that night to check to see how I was feeling. At the time, I was having some pain, but nothing compared to what it was before. That lasted maybe 2 days and a little tenderness, but again, nothing terrible. The main thing is how the entire office understands the dental fears of many people and makes the experience relaxing (never thought I would say that about ANY dentist). I highly recommend them to anyone needing an Endodontist. - Anita M.

The main thing is how the entire office understands the dental fears of many people

~~ We were able to get a short notice appointment to get my wife's tooth taken care of. The staff was extremely helpful and encouraging on the phone, the paperwork was completed on-line, the welcome in the office was just as warm, not just an artificial smile, but very genuine and caring. Dr. Howard took his time to explain the situation and procedure. He was not rushed at all, but very efficient. Even called in the evening to see how the patient was doing! Thank you, Dr. Howard, thank you staff, for making a usually painful experience a very pleasant one. - Ruedi M.

Genuine and caring

~~ I took my 8 year old daughter to see Dr. Howard after seeing a different Endodontist and orthodontist who recommended pulling her #19 permanent molar. If we would have pulled the tooth, this would have resulted in many thousands of dollars in additional dental work in the future and potential jaw and bone issues. Dr. Howard was able to perform a MTA apexogenesis on the tooth and save the tooth!  We are extremely happy with Dr. Howard. 

Robert C.
N.E. Metro Atlanta

Dr. Howard saved my 8 year old daughter's tooth

~~ Dear Dr. Howard - Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity last week.  It certainly was a pleasure to meet you and the members of your awesome staff!  I pray that the love of Christ would fill all of your lives and His peace descend upon you.  In His love - Kathie S.

Kindness and generosity


Excellent service. Was blown away by how pain free it was. I had all the worry and negative stereotypes of getting my root canal done. Dr Howard is a great guy and funny. He talked me through everything and I knew what was going on from start to finish. I have no side effects or pain as I sit here and type this message.
I definitely recommend Pinnacle Endodontics for your dental needs. - Rodney T.
Was blown away by how pain free it was!

~~ Dr. Howard and his staff were extremely friendly. I never thought having a root canal would be so pleasant. It was painless and quick. They actually made it fun and relieved all my fears by making me feel very comfortable. I would recommend this practice to anyone that has reservations about dentists or the procedures that they perform. They made me feel like family. - Chelsea W.

They made me feel like family

~~ I can honestly say I had a great time getting a root canal!! Dr Howard and his staff were incredibly friendly and made the process painless and enjoyable. I would highly recommend Pinnacle to anyone needing endodontics treatment. Blown away that Dr Howard himself called me later to check-up on me- in this day and time that seems to never happen. Thank you for taking care of me immediately and making it so enjoyable! - Chasity S.

Blown away that Dr. Howard himself called me later

~~ Dr Howard and staff were excellent! I was very apprehensive, they made me feel at ease and comfortable while alleviating all my fears! Dr Howard is very professional and knowledgable with a little bit of humor thrown in!! Would highly recommend!!! - Chris L.

They made me feel at ease and comfortable while alleviating all my fears

Disclaimer: Some patient testimonies were submitted while Dr. Howard worked for an alternate dental company.

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