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Cameron Howard D.M.D. M.Sc.D. P.C.

Cameron Howard D.M.D. M.Sc.D. P.C.

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Endodontic Excellence Through Personalized Care

Endodontic Excellence:


Dr. Cameron Howard is a Board Certified Endodontist.  He has invested in the latest technology to ensure that the best patient care is rendered.  The office uses a paperless record system, complete with pre-treatment online patient paperwork, an iPad check in process and digital radiography.  The office also has opted to use TDO Software, a valuable tool that helps to link our office to your general dentist's office through emails, treatment radiographs via a Nomad handheld radiographic system, and even video clips of your root canal procedure!  Dr. Howard always treats patients using his Global microscope, a valuable asset in locating missed canals, detecting cracks, and repairing previous perforations.  We also have the ability to take 3D imaging, when needed, using our Carestream 8100 CBCT machine.  


Personalized Care:


Dr. Howard and his staff will constantly strive to ensure a safe, quick, and comfortable consultation and treatment session.  A stress-free treatment environment is nourtured by supplying a complimentary beverage centerTempurpedic pillows and noise-cancelling headphones. Our office stands ever ready to see patients on timeframes that fit their schedule. We will be accessible after hours and weekends for any dental emergencies that may arise.  Patients will be educated with a straight forward description of the risks, benefits, and alternatives of the proposed treatment while also being assured that the highest of ethical standards are preserved.  You will be treated as a friend and partner in order to provide you the best care possible.



Professional Affiliations

Dr. Cameron Howard is affiliated with the following professional organizations:

- American Dental Association

- Georgia Dental Association

- Northern District Dental Society

- American Association of Endodontists

- American Board of Endodontics - Diplomate Status

- College of Diplomates

- Thomas P Hinman Dental Society

- Omicron Kappa Upsilon Dental Honor Society

- American Association of Endodontics Foundation Board

- Georgia Regents University - Clinical Assistant Professor


Patient Testimonials

~~ Suffering for almost a year listening to my dentist say there is nothing wrong with that tooth! It took Dr. Howard less than an hour to find the problem and fix it. A day later all swelling and pain gone. Dr. Howard and his staff are not only professional but very friendly and down to earth. The best part is the "No Pain" experience. I still can't believe it!!!!! - Damaries G.

The best part is the 'No Pain' experience

~~ My root canal was done this morning and I walked 3 miles this afternoon. I quickly realized that my arm hurt more from the flu shot I received yesterday, than my mouth hurt from this procedure. Dr. Howard and his lovely staff have established a practice that focuses on providing excellent patient care and outstanding customer service. Words cannot express how pleased I have been with the entire experience. I will gladly recommend Dr. Howard to any friends needing a root canal. - Barbara S.

My arm hurt more from the flu shot I received yesterday than my mouth hurt from this procedure

~~ Hands down THE BEST DENTIST we have ever been to.

My wife has a few crowns and stuff. We have been to other dentists and at the end of the work we always felt some dissatisfaction ( either the work was not well done.. Or they seemed more interested in the money than us kind of). This was the first time we felt the dentist cared A LOT about our situation and treatment than any other stuff.

We went to Dr Howard with a nasty tooth infection. My wife was 32 weeks pregnant.

Dr Howard went to great lengths to make us feel comfortable. Explained patiently what was happening and answered all our questions. He was very patient and comforting. He worked very closely with my OB and my pharmacy. He was VERY HONEST about the work and what to expect with the medications. He called up in the evening to check if things were going well.

Overall could not think of anything else that could be done to help us with this issue. Would recommend highly to my friends and acquaintances. - Sivakumar P.

The BEST DENTIST we have ever been to!

~~ Endodontics is not what I want to hear when I go to my dentist! However, once you walk into Dr. Howard's office and meet him and his staff, you will forget that you need major work done. They have state of the art technology and the ability to FIX what is wrong with your teeth. I went for a "redo" of a previous root canal that was almost 3 years old. His work was seamless and painless. I started with a major infection and he found the missing canal that was not done from the first doc. Words really do not do their service and amazing office atmosphere justice. If you need any Endodontic work done-This is the place to go. - Lynn N.

Words really do not do their service and and amazing office atmosphere justice!

~~ I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Howard and his staff for my root canal. My previous root canal, done in Denver, was a nightmare. Dr. Howard promised no pain and he kept his promise! I went back to work afterwards, my co-workers stunned to see me and with a smile on my face. To top it off, he called me that evening to make sure I was doing well. I've already given out his number to two co-workers who need a root canal but have been putting it off. Thanks so much! - Nan B.

Dr. Howard promised no pain and he kept his promise!

~~ I had the best experience ever at a dentist when I saw Dr Howard on 8/28. I was referred to him by my dentist as I needed a root canal. From the minute you walk in there are smiles everywhere. The friendliness is so reassuring as the dentist is the last place I want to go. The procedure was painless, and quick. Robin and Dr Howard work together so well. The atmosphere is so light. Everything is explained, step by step on what will happen during the procedure and what to expect after. Dr Howard called me the same evening to check on how I was doing. I have not needed any pain medication at all. I am so pleased with the whole experience and know where I will go should I have the need for Dr Howard's expertise again. - Gail L.

From the minute you walk in there are smiles everywhere.

~~ I had the pleasure of getting a root canal with Dr. Howard four days ago.  That's right, it was actually a very pleasant experience!  I had a crowned tooth that was giving me pain and my regular dentist, upon removing my crown, discovered a large crack that ran across my tooth.  She was hesitant to perform a root canal on the tooth, as general x-rays were unable to determine the severity of the crack.  Dr. Howard, with his state of the art cone beam CT imaging, was able to see inside my tooth, including every angle using 3D capability.  Upon review, the crack wasn't as severe as it had appeared,  so he was able to very carefully and skillfully perform  the root canal surgery, taking ultimate care not to make the crack any worse in the process.   Thanks to him I will now not be needing an extraction.   Very highly skilled and confident doctor whom I would highly recommend to friends and family. - Michelle T.

That's right, it was actually a very pleasant experience!

~~ My experience 5 STAR!I am petrified of the dentist! Hands down drug me. When I found out from my general dentist that I needed a root canal AKA (for me) Open Heart Surgery I was panicked. He referred me to Dr. Howard at Pinnacle Endodontics. Honestly I did not want to go.. and if i indeed needed this root canal I wanted to be sedated before I even got there...BUT.. I went in to talk about the procedure and from the moment I got there I received the BEST CARE. Dr. Howard explained everything up front and I could run at anytime. Well it was AWESOME. I ended up having the procedure the same day as my consult, in the quick time frame he told me it would take. I was PAIN FREE from the moment it started, everything he told me happened in that order again.... with NO PAIN.. NONE! It's the next day and I am still in no pain! It felt so good to trust a Dr. that was open and honest. I promise you... If you need dental work Pinnacle Endodontics of Georgia is your ONLY choice! - Leighann W.

I promise you... If you need dental work Pinnacle Endo is your ONLY choice!

~~ I had searched for an endodontist after my dentist wanted a tooth further evaluated. I searched for one near me that took my insurance but was not successful. I finally found Dr. Howard and I am very glad I did. I read reviews online and was very impressed by what patients said. Although my drive to his office was 45 miles, it was well worth the drive. Dr. Howard explained everything in detail and his 3D x-ray showed that two adjoining teeth needed root canals, not just one. He did both in a very short time with absolutely no discomfort on my part. I have had root canals before that were very painful, but not here. Dr. Howard and entire staff are extremely nice and caring. This root canal was not just a procedure, but a great experience and I highly recommend him to everyone. I was also impressed that on the evening after the treatment, Dr. Howard himself called to see how I was doing. That goes to show how much he really cares. He also has the latest technology. - Don M.

45 mile one way drive was totally worth it!

~~ When my primary dentist recommended I have a root canal, my thoughts were, "are you kidding me?" I'd rather put my hand into a bee hive. WRONG!! This procedure by Dr. Howard was as painless as a walk in the park. He was masterful and the procedure was PAINLESS!! Cissy and the staff were equally as efficient and professional. If you are in need of this procedure Dr. Howard is the person to visit. - Don W.

This procedure was as painless as a walk in the park!

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